When redesigning your bathroom, the at home installations are always going to be difficult at first. The possible difficulties with an installation are in locating the stud, installing loose fasteners and poor attachment of the mounting plate. All of these mishaps can ruin your walls and push back your redesigning. To prevent these setbacks here are three tips to Installing Bathroom Fixtures like a pro.

Locating the stud

The first problem many home-owners will face is locating the stud in your walls. When locating the stud you will need a stud finder to be sure you have found a place to hang your fixture. However, you might have to rethink your design plans when locating all of your studs. The studs are in a fixed place behind your drywall and when looking to hang heavy fixtures placing them in a stud is the best way to stay confident they will hold in place.

Hollow-wall fasteners

If you are hanging something lighter like a hand towel hanger then finding a stud is not necessary. By inserting a hollow wall fastener, you can still have confidence that your fixture will stay in place so long as there is no excessive weight or pulling of your fixture. By discussing your projects with a professional at any home improvement store, they can help you select the size of your hollow-wall fastener that will work best for your project.

Attach the mounting plate

The final step in Installing Bathroom Fixtures is attaching the mounting plate. When you have your bathroom fixture more than likely they will have a detachable mounting plate which will make your installation that much easier. If your fixture has two mounting plates you can adjust and move the mounting plates much faster than you could move the entire fixture.

Home improvements might seem challenging and daring when you are in your do it yourself mood. Setbacks might happen when trying to locate studs and buying hollow-wall inserts. By following these tips, your fixtures will hang without fail. The key with any project is to move slowly and to double check all measurements and design plans. Once you have hung your bathroom fixture, you can now move on to your next project.

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