If you run a business in Washington, you must constantly monitor operating expenses, and they can change from month to month. For example, during warm weather you spend more on cooling and in winter, more gets spent on heating. When you hire the right HVAC maintenance service in Seattle, you can save a lot on your cooling and heating expenses. Here are three things these companies can do for you.

1. Filter Changes

It may seem simple but many companies today fail to do things that are as easy as changing or cleaning filters. Air filters are an important part of commercial cooling and heating systems. They keep dust and dirt out and when they get clogged your airflow gets restricted. Dirt makes your HVAC system work harder and uses more energy. A trusted HVAC maintenance service in Seattle like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions takes care of your system and keeps accurate maintenance records.

2. New Thermostats

Did you know programmable digital thermostats can save you a bundle on energy costs? These new thermostats let you control temperatures at various times of the day and night. Here is an example. A business may not use some rooms or areas during the morning or night. They can keep these rooms warmer is summer and cooler in winter, when not used. You only have to set the thermostat to raise or lower the temperature when you need it.

3. Benefits of a Clean HVAC System

With regular HVAC maintenance service in Seattle, your cooling and heating systems stay clean and efficient. Your technician cleans the most important components (like coils and ducts) regularly. Clean HVAC systems run better and give you better heating and cooling for less money. Talk to your HVAC specialists today about a maintenance plan to meet your operating budget. They are there to help you increase efficiency.

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