Boost your auto service shop sales with the right tools. A POS system is an excellent way to get that started. If this is your first time to buy one, though, you’ll need help figuring out what your final choice will be. Here’s a look at what features to go for to help you find the best one for your auto service center:

Explore inventory features

The Entrepreneur says all POS systems ring up sales and monitor your stock. That’s a given. But a really fine POS system will have features that allow you to see, at a glance, if your inventory is running out. The point is to choose a system that easily provides you with the means to assess your inventory in the quickest way possible, saving you time on inventory tracking and monitoring. Go for systems that allow you to send alerts when your SKUs run low, add items to your inventory easily enough and even create purchase orders you can send off to your vendors.

Determine ease of use and features

Want all the bells and whistles? The general rule of thumb is that the more complex the system is, the more features it has. However, there are plenty of POS systems out there that offer a ton of features in a simple, easy system to use and learn. That’s the system to go for. Remember that no matter how awesome your auto software is, if your employees have a tough time navigating through the OS or find it a mite difficult to use, user adaptation will happen that much slower and longer.

Take advantage of more time

Better POS systems don’t just help you save on costs; they help you save on time as well. They reduce the hours you need to spend on counting your SKUs or monitoring the status of your inventory. That’s time you can readily spend on other aspects of your core business.

Start small

A lot of POS software are built for big businesses. If yours is a small and young car service center, using a very complicated POS system isn’t going to make sense for your business. So choose systems that allow you start small but have the flexibility and capacity to grow and expand along with the needs of your company. This way, you won’t have to buy another software just to accommodate the growing demands of your client base.

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