You’ve got an investment in your car. If something goes wrong, you need to be absolutely certain that you’re taking your car to a reputable auto repair shop. Ready to get help? Tap into this list for handy tips.

Look for recommendations

Referrals from friends, family and neighbors can come in handy for you. However, you can also check out recommendations online. That’s going to help you find a trustworthy auto shop in Southwest Arlington TX much sooner than you may have expected.

Check for credentials

What kind of credentials does the shop have? Does it have certifications? Is it approved by the AAA in Texas? What about its staff? Are they ASE-certified? Being ASE-certified means the mechanics at the shop have the training, skills and knowledge to fix your car. You’ll want to be on the lookout for these qualifications when you look around for an auto shop in Southwest Arlington TX.

Pay a visit

The best way to find out if the shop is a good one is to pay a visit to the facility. Are the cars out in the parking lot organized? Is the interior of the facility uncluttered and tidy? While a bit of a mess is expected—you’re in a car shop, after all—there should be an attempt by the staff and technicians to keep the place clean. If there are wrappers or litter on the floor that seem to have been there for weeks, that’s not a good sign. Look elsewhere.

Ask about their rates

A reputable car shop will be transparent about its rates. It probably has them posted copies of the fees as well as labor rates. That way, customers can check out how much their services cost. If the rates aren’t advertised, that could be dodgy. Tread carefully until you’re sure you’ve picked a repair service.

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