If you’ve ever had a great idea that was destroyed by a lousy execution, then you might be able to imagine how it feels to have your kiosk marketing derailed by blunders. Be on the lookout for the signs. Here’s some of them:

1. Bad design
The Harvard Business Review says that design matters a lot in self-service technologies. That’s because the brunt of the work falls on the consumer. The design has to be easy and simple enough for them to use. If it is, then user adoption is highly possible. High user adoption, in turn, can mean better brand awareness and increased sales. However, bad design can prevent users from exploring the unit further. Nobody wants to putter around with a unit that’s too challenging to use. Besides, most of your customers are busy. Their time is valuable. If they feel that the steps are tedious and time-consuming, then they’ll likely stop or won’t come near the kiosk again in the future, thinking it’s a huge and monumental waste of their time.

2. Bad service environment
Picking the perfect location is crucial. You’ve got to strike a balance between an area that has high foot-traffic and one that won’t disturb user concentration too much. If the place is too noisy, busy or crowded, your kiosk might gather dust from all the disuse. That’s all because they can hardly concentrate on the overall transaction, much less on the steps, with so many people around breaking their concentration. So try to find a good spot for your outdoor interactive kiosk. If you do, there’s a huge chance that your kiosk marketing will turn out to be a success.

3. Bad kiosk management
Who manages the machines? Someone has to. While you don’t have to have personnel man the machines for you at all hours of the day, it helps to have someone people can ask for assistance in case the machine goes wonky.

4. Bad instructions
Vague or unclear instructions can delay the transaction, with the user uncertain of what to do. So make sure to provide clear step-by-step guidelines to guide them through every single stage of the process. That way, errors are minimal, and users are able to accomplish what they set out to do, leaving them happy and satisfied.

So don’t let these disastrous mistakes win. Pay attention to this list before you use kiosk marketing in the future.

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