The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a law that requires all Americans to have health insurance coverage. The ACA has made it easier for people to find affordable healthcare, and avoid being fined by the government. This blog post lists the benefits affordable care act health insurance enrollment in Atlanta, GA!

Your Employer Doesn’t Offer Affordable Coverage That Meets ACA Guidelines

Your employer doesn’t offer affordable coverage that meets ACA guidelines. There are still employers who don’t provide healthcare, and those companies with less than 50 employees can opt-out of providing it. If you work for a small company without health insurance then you should enroll in the Affordable Care Act to avoid potential fines!

You’re Self-Employed and Can’t Afford Cobra or Other Forms of Private Insurance

You’re self-employed and can’t afford COBRA or other forms of private insurance. The Affordable Care Act has made it easier for people to find affordable health care, including those who are uninsured due to their employment status.

You Are a Student Who Is Not Eligible for Their Parents’ Health Insurance Plan

You are a student who is not eligible for their parents’ health insurance plan. You’re in luck! In many cases, you can still be covered by the Affordable Care Act even if your parents don’t have coverage and don’t qualify as dependents on someone else’s healthcare policy. The ACA made it possible for students to stay insured during their time in school.

You Are a US Citizen Living Abroad, but You Still Need Medical Care While Abroad

With the Affordable Care Act, US citizens can still be insured even if they are living abroad. This means that you can purchase a plan that includes coverage for any medical care needed while out of the country!

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