When it comes to the dryers you install in your facility’s bathrooms; you might not pay much attention. After all, a dryer is a dryer, right? Not so much. There’s a lot of discrepancy between models, particularly when it comes to operability and power consumption. Also, there’s the matter of sanitation to worry about. Automatic hand dryers are the smarter choice for many reasons.

1. No Touching

Perhaps the single most important reason you need to consider using automatic dryers is that they are far more sanitary than push-button models. How is this? With a push-button dryer, your user first washes their hands, then pushes the button. That leaves water on the dryer, which then collects bacteria from the air, which then breeds on the surface, and gets into the hands of other users. With an automatic hand dryer, there’s no physical touching involved.

2. Power Saving

Automatic hand dryers are far more energy efficient than other styles. That’s because they use very little power in standby mode, and then only run for a short period. Most models feature both timers and an automatic shutoff feature that turns the unit off when the user removes their hands.

3. High-Speed Performance

You’ll find that automatic dryers are also much more capable than most push-button models. They feature high-speed motors and fans that can dry hands in around 10 seconds or so, which is significantly less time than most older push-button models.

4. Better Reliability

Today’s sensors are much more reliable than buttons, meaning that smart hand dryers can offer far more operability, allowing you to maximize your investment over time. Push-button dryers, on the other hand, have shorter lifespans and can offer less reliability (more need for repairs as they age).

As you can see, automatic hand dryers offer quite a few advantages when compared with push-button models. However, not all dryers are the same. You need to buy from a company that offers innovative technology, and designs dryers that are known for their durability, performance, and energy savings.

We invite you to get in touch with us at World Dryer today. We would be happy to discuss our range of dryers, as well as advanced technology that can help you get the most out of your investment. We look forward to serving your needs.

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