Having a child is a blessing. However, some people don’t have the ability to be a parent naturally. In these cases, they will pay for a surrogate. If you are considering helping a family, here are 4 requirements for becoming a surrogate mother.

1. You previously had a healthy pregnancy
You need to be able to show that you’ve had a healthy pregnancy in your life already. You never know what complications could arise during a first pregnancy.

2. You are healthy
You need to be healthy to have a child. That means that you should be an appropriate weight. You should also be clean from drugs and alcohol. If you have any serious health concerns, such as a disease, you may be disqualified from becoming a surrogate mother.

3. You are the right age
You can’t be a surrogate after a certain age. Luckily, most organizations are relatively lenient about this. In fact, most allow surrogate mothers to be anywhere from 19 – 42 years old. Anyone under 18 is considered too young to make such a big decision.

4. You are financially independent
Many people think that they can become a surrogate to take care of themselves financially. Many people will pay tens of thousands of dollars to the surrogate. However, the surrogate must be financially stable to be considered for the position. Companies don’t want someone doing it for the wrong reasons.

Becoming a surrogate is a very serious commitment. Call Simple Surrogacy to learn more and get the process started today.

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