The roof on the house is one of the home’s most important structures. It keeps water and debris from getting into the home and causing extensive damage. The best way for the homeowner to protect the structure of their home as well as their belongings is to recognize the signs a roof needs to be repaired. The sooner the homeowner calls for Roofing Services in Des Moines IA, the better.

Shingles On the Ground

If the homeowner finds shingles on the ground around the house, they should contact a licensed roofer. Shingles can come off the home if they are decaying due to age or during extreme weather. If shingles are falling off the house, a roofer will inspect the roof and make the necessary repairs.

Lifting Shingles

When the shingles on the roof start lifting, it is a sign they are decaying. In some cases, the shingles will come off the house. In other cases, they will lift. When this happens, water can accumulate under the shingles. If the problem is ignored, it can create a serious mold problem on the roof.

Black Debris in the Gutters and Downspouts

Asphalt shingles have a rough, rock-like coating called granules. The granules are designed to keep the shingles from cracking in the hot sun. Over time, the granules can start to wear off. When this happens, there will be debris in the gutters and downspouts. In many cases, when the granules start to wear off, it means that the roof needs to be replaced.

Leaks In the Home Around the Chimney and Skylights

There is a thin metal material on the roof called flashing. It is designed to connect the joints on the roof such as around the chimney and skylights. If the flashing is old or has been damaged during severe weather, it won’t keep the water out of these areas. This can result in water leaking in the home. The sooner the homeowner has a roofer replace the flashing, the sooner the leak will stop.

If a person discovers any of the above issues, they should contact a professional for Roofing Services in Des Moines IA. For more information, contact Quality Construction Services Inc or visit

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