Your AC unit keeps you comfortable during the summer months. When something goes wrong, it can make your home unbearable for you and the people who live in it. Pick u p on problems early by knowing what to look for. Here are 4 signs of AC problems in Mustang OK.

1. Blowing warm air

Your AC unit is supposed to keep you cool. If it’s blowing warm air, there’s definitely a problem. Change the filter if you know how to. If the problem still persists, there’s a problem.

2. Leaks

Your AC should not have a leak in it. If you notice a pool of water by the unit, that is either the coolant or the condensation that the unit creates. This should not happen in either case.

3. Strange Noises

All AC units make some sort of noise. However, it shouldn’t get to the point where you need ear plugs. If you notice your Ac getting louder and louder, it could be time to call for air conditioning services in Mustang, OK.

4. Age

Ac units can only last so long before they need to be repaired or replaced. How old is your AC unit? If your AC unit has been in your home longer than you have, it might be time to get a new one.

Air conditioning services in Mustang, OK, can keep the temperature in your home regulated in extreme weather. Call Gatlin Heat & Air for more information.

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