As everyone knows, the negative consequences of aging can range from pain to embarrassment. Giving up personal autonomy by moving into a nursing home facility can be unacceptable for many. That’s for good reason. Often, people need a bit of extra help but are perfectly capable of continuing to live in their own homes. Fortunately, Florida home health care offers a way to preserve independence while getting the assistant you need. Here are four signs you should probably sign up for home health care.

1. You Have Trouble With Stairs

Stairs can be the biggest obstacle many aging people have to staying in their own homes. If you can’t successfully get up and down the stairs, entire sections of your house might become off limits to you. If you have a home health care aide, he or she will typically be able to help you access all parts of your home when you need.

2. You Take Medications

Modern medication can be extremely confusing to understand. If it feels like you need a medical degree to know which of your pills you should take when, you might benefit from a Florida home health care worker. He or she will be familiar with your medicine and ensure that you take the right dosage when you should.

3. You Need Help With Meals

As people age, they often don’t get enough of the right nutrients to eat. Home health care can usually help you prepare meals or schedule delivery.

4. You Use Oxygen or a Sleep Device

Oxygen and sleep devices are an invaluable tool for keeping many people healthy. Unfortunately, bacterial growth can turn these pieces of equipment into a biohazard. If you schedule home health care, your assistant can usually make sure your devices are clean and working properly.

If you notice one of these four signs, you might think about scheduling Florida home health care. You will likely appreciate the independence and freedom that comes from receiving a bit of extra medical help in your home.

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