It’s never good to be forced to deal with storm damage to the roof, but it’s important for homeowners to take certain steps after the storm passes. In this short guide, readers can learn how to cope with roof damage caused by high winds and storms, and they can also learn more about storm damage roof repair in Twin Cities.

Safely Assess the Damage

Once the storm goes by, it’s time to inspect the roof for damage. Many times, the roof will be covered with debris and branches, and there may be missing shingles and other damage as well. Inside the home, the owner may see water spots on the walls and ceiling. Be sure to conduct the assessment in a safe way, and if it’s too dangerous, call a professional roofing contractor.

Prevent Further Problems

If the storm caused extensive damage, it might be necessary to board up the home to keep it protected. This prevents the roof from suffering additional damage, and it keeps passersby safe from tree branches, fallen electrical lines, and other dangers that may exist after a severe storm.

Call the Insurance Company

It’s important to call the homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible after a storm. The insurer can help the owner file a claim and put them in touch with a local roofing contractor. The insurance company will make sure that the homeowner has the team and the means to fully restore the home’s roof.

Call a Roofing Contractor

Once the insurer finds a contractor who does storm damage roof repair in Twin Cities, it’s time for the homeowner to make the call. The roofer will assess the damage and provide the customer with an estimate for repairs. During the job, the contractor will use top-quality equipment and the latest materials to restore the roof and get the family back into the home quickly.

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