Your transmission in your car plays an important role in how you drive. The transmission makes sure you can change gears whether you have a manual or automatic car and tells your wheels how much power they need to go the speed you want it to. When you speed up in an automatic car, you may not notice your gears shifting until you have problems with the transmission. It’s important to know the signs of a failing transmission, so you can avoid any dangerous situations while you’re driving, so here are 5 ways you can tell if you should take your car in.

  1. Warning lights
    You should always pay attention to the warning lights in your car, and if they’re broken, it’s important to get them fixed so you can be alerted to any problems you might have with your car. One of the most common warning lights for any transmission trouble is the temperature gauge, which looks like a thermometer inside of a gear. This light comes on if your transmission fluid is too hot, which means your transmission is, too.
  2. Transmission fluid leaks
    If you notice a puddle under your car on the driveway, it’s most likely due to a leak. Transmission fluid can be easy to tell apart, since it is bright red in color and has a sweet, tart smell to it. You should always inspect any puddles under your car with a white paper towel to see what color it is, so you know what the problem is. Your transmission doesn’t use up fluid, so if you’re levels are low; it’s probably due to a leak. You can keep an eye on your transmission fluid level for the sign of a leak to prevent bigger problems down the line.
  3. Trouble Switching gears
    There could be several gear switching problems that can indicate a transmission problem. You could experience gear slipping, which is when your car will shift gears without you accelerating or switching them yourself. You could also experience a delay in switching gears in a manual car. In an automatic car, this delay will manifest when switching between park and drive.
  4. Strange smells and sounds
    Transmission fluid smells kind of tart and sweet, so it can be easy to identify. You could also notice a burning odor, which means it’s probably time to bring your car in to be checked out, since the transmission fluid is imperative for the gears to work properly. If you hear a quick grinding noise when you shift gears on your manual car can be a sign of a faulty transmission. With an automatic transmission, you may feel it shake into gear and can hear a buzzing or humming sound if there’s a problem.

Your transmission is a vital piece to the complicated puzzle that is cars. You should be able to tell if your transmission is failing, or if you need to go into a shop. If you’re looking for auto transmission services in Mesquite, TX, stop by Town East Automotive so they can give you their professional opinion on if your transmission is acting up or not. Shifting gears should be easy, so be aware of what your car is telling you.

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