As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. Therefore, making the decision to move is never easy, particularly for a senior citizen who must leave the familiarity of home to move into Senior Housing in Spokane WA. For some, the idea evokes images of a sterile, hospital-like setting. However, today’s senior communities are cozy and home-like, and many seniors prefer them for the reasons below.

No More Yard Work and Maintenance

A person’s retirement years should be spent relaxing and resting, especially if they have health issues. Life in senior communities means no more lawn work and home maintenance, and in some cases, no more housekeeping either. With senior living, residents have more time to do what they want to do.

Having Fun and Being Social

Older people often feel isolated when they live alone. At senior living facilities, residents can eat meals together, make friends and enjoy a sense of community. Today’s senior living facilities have numerous activities and entertainment options, both on- and off-site. Games, movies, book clubs, get-togethers and cookouts are just some of the choices available to residents.

Improved Family Relationships

When a resident moves into Senior Housing in Spokane WA, his or her family members are freed from their caregiving roles, and the resident is absolved of any guilt he or she may have carried. Visits become a time to relax and enjoy one another’s presence; not a time to provide care and labor.

A Safer Feeling

Residents living in senior communities can rest knowing that they’re safe from thieves and dishonest salespeople. Residents get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that emergency response is available 24 hours per day should the need arise.

A Better Diet

Because age comes with diminished physical abilities, many senior citizens who live alone can’t cook a proper meal, and their health and diet may suffer. In a senior community, residents don’t have to shop for groceries, cook meals or make coffee. Rather, they can relax and get food that meets their dietary needs.

These are just some of the reasons seniors find that it’s better to live in a senior community than to live alone. To learn more about various options, call Orchard Crest Retirement Community or visit them online.

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