Patios are generally one of the most used parts of a home, and as such, patio doors are an important feature. Avoid the difficulty that usually comes with sifting through the many options available by focusing on key differentiating factors. Use the following five tips to help you find the Best Patio DoorIn New Jersey for your needs.

1. Opening Style – The opening style of the patio door is an important factor that determines how the door will look and function. Common opening styles include options such as sliding, swinging and folding. The best choice for your needs depends on the amount of space your patio has and the final look you want.

2. Construction Materials – Patio doors are generally available in several types of construction materials. These include options such as clad-wood, wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. Consider the aesthetic impact the choice of materials has on the overall look of the home and patio, as well as the durability and customization options of each.

3. Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a patio door. Use the general climate in the area to help determine the specific R-value, U-factor, UV coating and low-E glass options that offer the highest efficiency. Look for Energy Star compatible patio doors to keep the overall heating and cooling cost of your home down.

4. Weather Conditions – Before settling on a patio door, think about how the climate and typical weather conditions in the area will affect it. Consider weather extremes such as high heat, continuously wet or rainy conditions and high winds before you choose a patio door option. The door should be able to stand up to changing weather and remain durable for years.

5. Special Features – There are many special features available for patio doors, designed to enhance both beauty and functionality. Explore options such as screening, impact-resistant glass (for areas prone to high wind) and customization using unique door sizes, shapes, glass and frames.

Use these five benchmark factors to find the Best Patio Door In New Jersey for your home. Use these considerations as a guide, along with your budget and aesthetic taste to settle on the perfect option. Perform due diligence before making a final choice and enjoy the beauty, durability and money-saving benefits of your new patio door.


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