Nearly everyone who steps into a fitness center has the goal of increasing muscle tone and strength. Strength relates to how much force your body can produce against another object. The tone is how efficient the muscle can be when dealing with an object. We’re going to look at what nutrients can also offer a boost.

Vitamin D

When building your plan for nutrition in Bayonne, NJ, it’s important to include vitamin D. This vitamin assists with increasing blood calcium and increasing the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the body. Sunlight is the easiest way to gain access to vitamin D, but some foods can also help. Try adding more fish and egg yolks to your diet to see a benefit.


Calcium is crucial for strong muscles and bones. Without calcium, when you exercise, your muscles would not be able to contract. That means you would struggle with having decent muscle tone. It’s easy to add more calcium into your diet. Some of the foods with the highest amount include almonds, cheese, and milk.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a nutrient that is responsible for helping support the health of your blood vessels. When you have more vitamin C in your body, your muscles will work more effectively. They will also be able to recover more easily following exercise. That leads to an increased muscle tone. To add more vitamin C to your diet, try eating oranges, leafy greens, and strawberries.


Protein is probably the most important factor in building muscles, something you may have heard before. It can also help with muscle recovery after you’re done working out. Protein is found in all sorts of different foods, but the biggest amounts are found in lean meat, oily fish, eggs, and cheese.


The last nutrient we’ll talk about is magnesium. This is a nutrient that is found in the body fluids, muscles, and soft tissues. What magnesium does is help with the contractions of your muscles, which can help relieve muscle cramps. It can also have a positive affect on your energy levels. Magnesium is found in garlic, bran, and green vegetables.

If you are looking for more information about nutrition in Bayonne, NJ, consider taking a class at The MAX Challenge of Bayonne. You can find out more about what nutrients will build muscle and help you live healthy.

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