As you probably know, storing your car or other vehicle for an extended time can present some formidable barriers that you must overcome. Fortunately, if you choose the right vehicle storage in York, PA, and prepare your vehicle appropriately, you can store your car the right way. Here are five things you need to know about vehicle storage.

Choose the Right Place

You want to do everything you can to avoid storing your car in the wrong place. Generally, you want to find a secure storage place where you can cover your car to protect it from the elements. For best results, considering storing your vehicle in a storage facility. Because these facilities are designed to keep things in good condition for extended time periods, they are frequently the best option for car storage.

Keep Mice Away

Mice and other pests can wreak havoc on your car while it is in storage. To combat vermin, roll up your car’s windows and place steel wool in any holes.

Wash Your Car

Before driving your car into vehicle storage in York, PA, you want to be sure it is spotless. A good wash and wax will help remove anything that might cause your car to rust while it is in storage. Similarly, if you can vacuum and detail the interior, you will likely remove things that might attract pests. Remember, though, you shouldn’t put your car away wet, so make sure it is completely dry before you leave it.

Top off Your Fluids

As you probably know, your car has a variety of fluids that it needs to run properly. All reservoirs should be full before you store your car. After you fill up your gas tank, consider adding a fuel stabilizer. This will help to keep your gasoline fresh while your car is in storage. Also, consider getting an oil change before you store your vehicle. Finally, you might consider disconnecting your battery and attaching it to a trickle charger. If you don’t, you might return to a dead battery.

Fill up Your Tires

Finally, make sure your tires are completely full of air so that they don’t develop flat spots from sitting in one place too long. Alternatively, if you intend to leave your car for a long time, you might consider storing it on blocks, jacks, or a lift.

By taking a few precautions before leaving your car in vehicle storage in York, PA, you can increase your chances of keeping it in good shape while you are gone.

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