Are you searching for the right refrigeration unit to fit your needs? There are a variety of types of units to fit the space you have and your stocking needs. If you continue reading, you can find popular commercial refrigeration units available.

Back Bar Stocking

A unit for bar refrigeration at a business can hold a large quantity of bottles and other products. Many bars use these to store a variety of drinks. A unit like this can make back bar stocking easy and convenient. These refrigerators can also be used in at-home bars, if you plan on hosting a large event or just enjoy keeping many drinks and mixers on hand.

Keeping Merchandise Cool

A small unit to hold merchandise in a small store can be the perfect method of keeping a couple items cool. Whether you are selling the items or storing them for yourself on the job, a refrigerator merchandiser can store many bottles and compact dishes of food.

Classic Commercial Unit

The classical commercial refrigerator has the same purpose as a refrigerator would serve I your kitchen at home. This unit can be placed in a restaurant or smaller business to keep drinks, meals, and ingredients cool. They can be placed anywhere: at the back of the kitchen, out of sight and right on the other side of the convenience store or bar, so that customers can grab their own drink.

Doubling as a Refrigerator and Preparation Table

Although there may not be ventilation in the front of the refrigerator, one of these can double as a refrigerator and prep table. This can be suitable for your kitchen at home or in a business. Your kitchen at home or at your business may require a table to prep meals on, and it can be much more efficient if you can prep on top of the refrigerator unit and just reach beneath you to grab ingredients. A table doubling for preparation and storage can make cleaning up quicker and can save space in your kitchen.

Mini Fridge Underneath a Counter

If you are looking for commercial refrigeration in California that saves space and is barely even noticeable, a mini refrigeration unit that can be installed underneath your counter can do the job. They work just like a traditional refrigerator used for commercial reasons, but they are much smaller.

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