While some repairs can be taken care of by a handy homeowner, it is important to know that a professional should do electrical jobs. In this brief guide, area homeowners can learn several important reasons to call Greenville SC Electricians.

Breaker Panel Problems

If the home’s circuit breakers frequently trip, the lights flicker, or there’s a burning smell originating from the panel, the owner should call a professional right away. An electrician can evaluate the damage and replace breakers or the entire panel before a circuit overheats and causes a fire.

Surge Protection

Voltage spikes in a home’s electrical wiring can damage expensive electronics. Power surges can have external causes, such as power grid irregularities or lightning strikes, or they can happen when large appliances switch off and on. A local electrician can install a whole-house surge protection system to protect the wiring and the home’s electronics.

GFCI Installation

GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) prevent electrocution by cutting power to a circuit if the current flows in an irregular path. It’s a good idea to have Greenville SC Electricians install GFCIs in any area where electricity and water can potentially interact.

Installation and Inspection of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Though new homes are required to have smoke detectors, all homes should have them in appropriate numbers. Detectors should be tested each month, and they should be replaced roughly every seven years. Carbon monoxide detectors can protect the family from the odorless, colorless gas generated by heaters, furnaces, generators and engines. Call an electrician to ensure proper installation and maintenance of these important safety features.

Ceiling Fan Replacement/Installation

Having ceiling fans in the home is a great way to regulate airflow and indoor temperatures. There’s no need to put up with stale air when a local electrician can easily replace older fans and install new ones.

Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

Licensed electricians can install new home lighting, replace inoperable fixtures and create lighting plans for new homes. In outdoor living spaces, a professional can install motion-activated lights for increased security, or they can install lights to highlight certain landscaping features.

As tempting as it is to go the DIY route with electrical repairs, a how-to video is no substitute for an electrician’s experience. Call Live Wire Electric, today to schedule a service call or get a quote.

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