Breast augmentation surgery is a type of cosmetic plastic surgery performed by a breast surgeon. Austin plastic surgeons will usually carry out this procedure by administering general anesthesia and then proceed to carry out the procedure that involves the insertion of implants underneath the breast tissue. These implants change the shape and size of the breasts in terms of visual appearance. Often saline or silicone implants are available in various sizes and shapes.

Why Breast Augmentation is Done

The reasons for having a breast augmentation procedure done can include: restoration of breast symmetry, reduction of the breast size due to physical issues, recovering the size or shape of the breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, or breast-feeding, restoring one or both breasts subsequent to another surgery, or enhancing a currently small breast size.

Expectations for the Surgery

A breast augmentation procedure is considered surgery. Therefore, just as with any other surgery, it is important to understand the benefits and risks of proceeding.

Prior to breast augmentation surgery, it is important the breast surgeon help the woman determine the right size for the implant. This can sometimes be done through testing out different size implants in a bra and seeing how they feel.

Recovering from the Surgery

After about two weeks after surgery, the swelling that results from the procedure should go down. The incision lines associated with the procedure will also disappear on a gradual basis.

Often the patient is administered painkillers to reduce the pain after the general anesthetic has subsided. A surgery patient should have someone drive them home after the procedure. The general anesthesia will likely still be in force at this time. After about six weeks, dissolvable or absorbable sutures will tend to disappear.

Patients experiencing symptoms such as chest pains, redness, warmth, fever, shortness of breath, or unnatural beating of the heart, should seek immediate medical attention. For about six weeks after surgery, the patient should keep demanding physical activity to a minimum.

Oftentimes, a breast surgeon can provide specific advice to patients about the types of bras to wear in order to minimize pain as well as physical exercises that may help with pain issues.

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