A storm door is an exterior door that’s installed in front of the main door in order to protect it from inclement weather. Storm doors also allow ventilation in the house. On a particularly hot day, you can leave the main door open and only have the storm door closed. Usually, conventional storm doors have interchangeable glass panels that enhance visibility and also keep out insects. In Columbia, there are hundreds of houses which have storm doors out front. However, because they are constantly exposed to atmospheric elements, your storm door is likely to wear out with the passage of time. If the door is damaged, you will need to get a storm door replacement in Columbia, MD. Here is a brief guide to help you replace the storm door.

Choose the Type

With so many different types of doors available, you need to be careful to choose the right one. You can check out local companies that offer different types of storm doors in order to get a better idea. There are many companies that offer storm door replacement here. If you are looking for a new, high quality door, you can contact us to check out the different options available.

Installing the Door

Installing the new storm door isn’t going to be a problem. You can either perform the storm door replacement on your own or you can call in a technician from the company to do it for you. The storm door is generally fixed on the exterior hinges and tightened in place. You can also install a stopper to prevent the door from banging when it is shut with force. The stopper will prevent damage to the main door that’s installed just a few inches away from the storm door.

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