Most any building manager or owner will agree that water damage is something that comes up from time to time. While a little drip here and there may seem harmless, it can actually seep into cracks and other areas and sit for long periods of time. This is when the damage is caused. Water has a way of finding its way through building materials.

A commercial waterproofing contractor in Fairfax VA explains the importance of being proactive before water damage becomes a big deal. Here are a few reasons to consider waterproofing for a commercial building.

Indoor Air Quality

The process of waterproofing allows a building to breathe, which improves the indoor air quality. When water gets trapped inside of a building, there will be noticeable mold that is waterborne. This will compromise the air quality of the interior and can be harmful.

Structural Integrity

By waterproofing, a property owner is preserving the structural integrity. Sitting water allows materials to rot and foundations to become weak. Addressing this early when a problem is first noticed, with the help of a waterproofing contractor will ensure that the structure of the building is preserved.

Energy Efficient

When water enters a building, the temperature changes make the HVAC system work harder to compensate. By maintaining water prevention, this essentially denies water from entering the building.

Up to Code

By waterproofing now, this will bring a building up to existing building codes. Because of the damage that water can do, preventing future issues will help to inadvertently comply with building codes.

Less Hassle

Even if there are signs of leaks, waterproofing now will prevent any further water from getting in. In order to handle the situation, it is important to seal every possible way that water can enter. This includes walls, crawlspaces, and basements. By staying on top of water prevention, benefit from less headache later.

A commercial waterproofing contractor in Fairfax VA works during various stages of the development of a building. Sometimes it is taken care of during construction, right after completion. Also, during renovations, retrofit, or as a part of maintenance. Sometimes it simply takes place as needed when damage occurs.

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