Space in a home can become limited due to collections of personal belongings that are difficult to give up. Some items such as Christmas decorations, lawn furniture, and other seasonal items take up space for long periods of time without being used. A camper or boat can take up precious yard or driveway space during the winter months plowing or shoveling snow around them. When a homeowner has determined the extra space is needed, they should consider drive up storage unit in York, PA. There are all kinds of sizes available depending on what needs to be stored.

Indoor car, boat, and camper storage are available during the harsh winter months. There won’t be the need to repeatedly brush the snow off. If there’s a child in college and they return home for the summer months, it’s always difficult to find the room to store all of their things. A smaller storage space can give them just the right amount of room. When someone’s moving between homes, the new place may not be ready for move in at the same time. An entire house can be conveniently stored in a secure facility that offers controlled access, drive-up accessibility, 24-hour video monitoring and individual lights in every unit. There’s no need to move heavy furniture up and down the steps inside of a building.

A business can take advantage of all that a storage facility has to offer. It’s great for storing files that must be kept for long periods of time without taking up valuable office space. A storage unit can be utilized for merchandise storage in a central location for workers to access when needed. Products can be easily organized in a clean, dry, and well-lit unit for safe keeping. There are so many benefits to using self-storage when a home or business needs that extra room, permanently or temporarily at a drive up storage unit in York, PA.

If you’re remodeling, protecting your furniture, rugs and drapes are important. Get them out of the dusty remodeling area and into a dry and secure storage unit for safe keeping until the work is complete. Leases can be short or long term and a friendly member of the sales staff can help you choose just the right size. Be sure to visit A Better Rate Storage, and find out about their low rates.

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