You will need the best defense attorney available if you have been charged with a DWI, because your life will be drastically altered without an experienced attorney handling your case. A DWI charge has a long-term and serious impact on your life, your job, your insurance rates, and your credit report. It may also affect your marriage if your spouse is not very understanding, as most spouses are not.

Never go through the process involved in a DWI charge by yourself. The reason you don’t want to go it alone is very simple. You face a prosecuting attorney who is experienced in handling DWI charges. You will be faced with scientific terms you do not understand, and you will have no knowledge of the court’s procedures. Equally as important, you will not know how to challenge the evidence which is absolutely necessary. The breathalyzer may not have been calibrated recently. A blood test may have been mishandled. The arresting officer may not have followed the proper procedures.

An experienced DWI attorney such as Gregory. R. LaMarca P.C will know all of the right questions to ask, and they will know how to challenge the validity of the evidence. They will also know how to question the police officer which could prove to be useful if they made a mistake in collecting the evidence. The DWI attorney will know the questions to ask about the methods which were used to produce the evidence that is being offered to support the DWI charge.

An experienced DWI attorney will have a working knowledge of the court and most likely will know the prosecutor, which can be very helpful. Often, the prosecutor and the attorney can work out a lesser charge or even a dismissal if the evidence is weak. For example, if the breathalyzer has not been calibrated recently the results may not be admissible in court. If a blood was taken from the person charged, then it must be processed and handled in a very specific manner or the results are not admissible. A DWI Attorney in Massapequa, NY will know all of the issues of a technical and scientific nature which can help exonerate you.

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