Hemp products are on the rise at this point. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers have unprecedented opportunities to establish their places in the surging industry and cash in on the ongoing market growth. In order to foster their businesses and meet public demand, though, they’ll need access to a licensed Hemp database in San Francisco CA. Several products stemming from these databases are gaining increasing popularity.

Hemp Seeds

These edible items are must-haves for a number of different dietary needs these days. They’re rich in healthy fats while being low in unhealthy ones. They’re also incredible sources of vitamin E, potassium, protein and calcium to name a few. At the same time, they have a light, nutty flavor known to add a nice element to certain meals without overpowering them.

While hemp seeds can be used in long list of different dishes, they’re also useful in other scenarios. Hemp seed oil in consumable varieties can offer a wide range of health benefits. In topical form, it’s a highly effective treatment for skin inflammation caused by several different conditions. For this reason, it’s being incorporated into soaps, moisturizers, cleansers and other skin-care products.

Hemp Cigarettes

Countless retailers, including privately owned smoke shops, are now offering hemp cigarettes. These cigarettes don’t contain THC, so they won’t produce the same high as cannabis. Still, they do offer certain benefits. They produce a nice, calming effect and can potentially help reduce inflammation under certain circumstances. Some people even insist they’ve been able to break their nicotine addictions via hemp cigarettes.


Hemp is being used to make a continually growing list of useful items, including clothing, construction materials and pet care products. It also happens to be an effective alternative to traditional fuel. By some accounts, an acre of hemp can produce as much power as 1,000 gallons of gasoline. Members of a licensed Hemp database in San Francisco CA are driving industries from several different angles.

Being able to tap into these and the many other uses for hemp means having a database of licensed growers and suppliers on hand. With this tool, there’s essentially no end to the industry’s potential. Visit Canntrade.com to learn more about the databases and other connections currently available to help bolster businesses in this sector.

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