Men and women who would like to look more youthful but are nervous about the idea of plastic surgery have several other options. One of the more recent developments is a minimally invasive facelift that uses a special kind of thread to raise sagging skin. It is especially helpful for lifting the skin on the jowls and neck.

Immediate and Gradual Results

This minimally invasive facelift has more natural, subtle results than a surgical procedure. Some improvements will be seen immediately while further results gradually continue to take place. Placement of the threads stimulates collagen production, which also rejuvenates the appearance.

Good Candidates

Good candidates for this nonsurgical facelift are at or close to their optimum weight. The process does not work well for people who are significantly overweight and have a great deal of fat in the face. If the patient has recently lost a substantial amount of weight, doctors recommend waiting until the weight has remained stable for at least three months.


This treatment is done with local anesthesia. The main short-term side effect is some bruising. Patients can return to their usual activities immediately after the procedure is complete.

The thread becomes completely transparent within about one month. It slowly dissolves and is gone after about nine months. However, the extra collagen usually allows the positive effects to remain for more than a year. The individual can seek another thread lift as needed if he or she wants to. Anyone interested in this rejuvenating strategy with MINT PDO Thread may learn about the product at

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