Parents of a child with seasonal allergies will notice that sometimes those symptoms get much worse, but the parents may not be able to figure out why. Some allergy triggers are a bit surprising and unexpected. A Pediatric Allergy Specialist in Starkville MS can consult with the parents and determine what is causing or worsening the symptoms. Contact us to set an appointment.

Pollen Accumulation

The kids may take a shower or bathe first thing in the morning, but they would probably sleep better if they did so before bedtime. Over the day, their hair and skin can accumulate bits of pollen, and then they sleep in this allergen environment. The pollen gets into the bed linens too. That’s why parents may hear the child coughing and sneezing during the night, and why the youngster has a stuffy nose in the morning.

Dust Mites

If the youngster continues to develop allergy symptoms overnight, the problem may be dust mites. Washing the bed linens in hot water kills mites, and laundering should be done at least weekly. An allergist at a clinic such as Children’s Health Center of Columbus can provide information about the optimum temperature.

Tobacco Smoke

The parents may notice that the child has worse symptoms after spending time at a friend’s house but they can’t figure out why. A Pediatric Allergy Specialist in Starkville MS might ask whether anyone in that youngster’s family smokes tobacco. This is a distinct irritant for many people with nasal allergies. Even if the person who smokes only do so outside, the toxins remain on their clothing and hair when they come back in.

A Distinct Plant Pollen

The child also may be allergic to a specific kind of plant pollen that he or she only encounters at another person’s home. That might be a tree in the yard or even a houseplant. If that’s the only place where this particular allergen is affecting the boy or girl, it can be difficult to figure out the source. The parents may not be keeping complete track of where the child is every second of the day, and neighborhood kids sometimes roam from one home to another on a weekend afternoon.

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