Debt is an incredibly tough thing to deal with. It weighs heavily on your mind as you struggle to get out from under the mountain of debt you have found yourself in. Oftentimes people find themselves in dire straits because of a job layoff or sudden illness. Luckily, the government has provided a way for honest folks to get relief from debt which includes filing for bankruptcy. It used to be fairly easy to file for bankruptcy, but nowadays, it is wise to hire a Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney if you live in the area.

How They Can Help

The Law Offices of David M. Offen are located in Philadelphia and serves the greater Philly area. He is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, so he can help you decide which type of bankruptcy will be best for your financial situation. They can help you fill out the proper paperwork and can represent you in court if necessary. Chapter 7 offers complete relief from all debts, while Chapter 13 is a reorganization of your debt done by the court. Much depends on how much money you make and your individual situation.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

If your situation isn’t as dire as requiring bankruptcy, David Offen can help you find some alternatives to bankruptcy. Although he is a great Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney, has had a great deal of success with filing Chapter 7 and 13, he knows financial law and has a great deal of experience helping people get back on solid financial footing. He’s very adept at helping you consolidate your debt, and even get creditors to stop harassing you. He can negotiate with creditors on your behalf and get them to reduce required payments, or even forgive certain debts. Simply having the harassing telephone calls stopped can be a huge relief.

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