As children of divorced parents get older, they may begin having more definitive ideas as to which parent they want to live with full-time and whether they want to skip some of their scheduled visitations. Minnesota laws do not specify a certain age when the courts will consider the youngster’s wishes. A practitioner of family law in Walker, MN can represent one of the parents when this situation arises.

Visitation Issues

Older children and teenagers may start to resent required visitation when they have to spend time with a parent in another town, which disrupts their social life. In other cases, the parent with visitation has remarried and the youngster doesn’t care for the new stepparent. Kids cannot simply refuse to visit or it may get their custodial parent into legal trouble. That parent may need a practitioner of family law in Walker, MN to petition for a modification to the visitation requirement.

Wanting to Move or Stay Put

A child or teenager may also decide they want to move from one parent’s home to the other. This might be a preference for living with one parent or it might be related to a school district. A school district example might be a freshman football star who has a better chance at a college scholarship if he could play for a different school. Another scenario develops when the parent with primary custody wants to move to a different city, but the child wants to stay and move in with the other parent.

Shared Custody Issues

Some children spend several years being transported from one parent’s home to the other in a shared custody arrangement, and they finally become tired of the situation. They still want to see Mom or Dad regularly, but they want to live in one place.

If the parents cannot agree on these types of situations, a family court judge may need to decide. Judges usually give a kid’s preference priority. Legal representation is provided by law firms such as Borden, Steinbauer, Krueger & Knudson. Browse our website to get started.

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