Although some people have found good reasons to criticize the way military veterans are often treated when they resign from the country’s armed forces, the reality is there are a number of under-appreciated programs that aim at giving them a helping hand. A lack of awareness about these initiatives sometimes produces unfortunate results on at least two levels.

On the one hand, it means fewer people take advantage of them than might otherwise. On the other, this understandable lack of knowledge can contribute to an atmosphere of pessimism and fatalism surrounding the subject. One of the best ways of all of helping with the issue, then, is to spread awareness of just how many such opportunities there are.

One of the most successful and productive of these is the federal government’s Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business program. An undertaking of the Small Business Administration, the program provides a special level of support for the businesses of those military veterans who became disabled in the line of duty.

With a variety of resources at their disposal, veterans who participate in the program enjoy success rates that are the envy of other small business owners. Despite often dealing with very formidable challenges, participants in the SDVOSB in San Diego California, for example, run some of the most successful small businesses in the region.

Those who Visit will find a sterling example of just how productive the program can be. With a full range of shipping repair and logistics services, the veteran-owned company there serves clients of every scale and focus. In fact, it is one of the busiest and most highly regarded companies of its kind in the entire region.

The results of the SDVOSB in San Diego California, too, are duplicated, in one fashion or another, all around the country. This is a special point of pride for many at the Small Business Organization, a group that is no stranger to helping small businesses succeed. Tasked with going above and beyond the call of duty for those who have done the same for their country, they have done an excellent job of providing truly productive support and new opportunities.

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