Living where we do, we all know the importance of having an efficient, reliable heating system in our homes. All it takes is for it to go down once during one of our winter storms and you’ll appreciate your heater even more. At a time like that, you just want your heat back and you want it soon. Having heating repair professionals available at all hours provides some real peace of mind. Just knowing that you have a technician from a Heating contractor Arlington Heights who will show up at your door with the tools, equipment, parts, and training to make things right again makes the cold a little more tolerable.

After your technician does the initial diagnosis of your problem, he will explain what the situation is and how he intends to fix it, so you’re kept in the loop. The work he performs will come with a lifetime guarantee, and if you aren’t satisfied with the job, he will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction by the time he walks out of your door. Having qualified HVAC technicians from a reputable Heating contractor Arlington Heights who can respond quickly and professionally in the event of an emergency is a wonderful thing, but, of course, the better plan is to either reduce those emergency calls or eliminate them altogether. That can be done my taking advantage of a maintenance program. Above and beyond the benefits of regular system inspections that can reveal potential issues before they turn into emergencies, you can also get a 15% discount on any repair your system may need throughout the year. There will also be no diagnostic or trip charges while your system is under this maintenance contract. Those inspections can include your heating system or a combination of your heating and cooling systems.

The skilled professionals at Allied Air Conditioning and Heating Corp. have been seeing to the heating and cooling needs of the area for over 40 years and they would like an opportunity to show you how they can save you money. They are licensed, bonded, and insured and can work on all types of heating systems, like furnaces, boilers, ductless heating systems, and even radiant floor heat. They stand behind their workmanship with a lifetime guarantee on all heating systems and repairs.

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