If your bathroom looks as though it’s still stuck in the 1980s, or even worse, the 1960s, it’s high time that you consider remodeling this essential room in your home. Not only will you enjoy upgrades in your tub and shower as well as your sink, you’ll also appreciate the fresh appearance that new fixtures and paint offer. An even more compelling reason to consider upgrading your bathroom is the benefits it offers when you’re ready to sell your house. Many experts say that you can recoup most if not all of the expense of a remodeling project. if your present bathroom depresses you, it’s time to take action.

According to some home remodeling experts, the bathroom has become the new den. Simply put, the bathroom today is not utilitarian but instead is seen more as a relaxing spa. Soaking tubs, heated floors and large showers have replaced the narrow tub/shower combination once an integral part of a cramped bathroom space. Light is one of the most important features of the remodeled bathroom. Windows, lots of mirrors and even skylights provide the brightness once missing from dimly lit rooms. These features offer the feeling of a sanctuary that you may be seeking as a homeowner, particularly in your master bathroom.

Patete Kitchens and Baths are experienced in helping local homeowners discover the kinds of Baths in Pittsburgh that offer practical benefits and value as well as valuable aesthetic amenities. From walk-in showers with built-in waterproof sound systems to heated towel racks and ample ambient light, luxury showers designed and built by the company will meet the luxury requirements you have as a discriminating homeowner. The staff will work with your throughout the entire process, helping you to determine exactly what you want and how it will fit into your budget. The installation is handled also by Patete staff dedicated to ensuring that the luxury bathroom is finished to your requirements.

The design process begins with a consultation in your home, where the designer can see what for himself how your family lives and uses the room as well as its dimensions. Once a drawing is completed and you’ve agreed that it represents the kind of bathroom you want, work will proceed to turn the visual representation into an actual living space in which you’ll love to spend time.


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