When most people plan for an event, they want it to be successful. This can mean different things, depending on the party you’ve got planned, but any successful event begins with the party supplies you choose. Therefore, you may want to consider options, such as marquee and furniture hire, lighting and pool cover hire, as well as inflatables and storage options.


A marquee is the perfect way to hold outdoor events with class. You’ve got a tent overhead, which can help if the weather could be bad or you want to have a classier affair. Likewise, they have multiple sizes and colours available, so you can choose something that fits your needs.


Furniture is necessary for any successful event, even if it is just having enough seating options. Likewise, you can choose sofas, loveseats, tables, chairs, and get all the linens necessary from a party hire company like Harts Party Hire.

Lighting/Pool Coverings

Evening parties can be fun and exciting, but can also be dangerous. Lighting may be necessary to ensure that people can see well enough to move about, but also to create ambiance for the event.

Likewise, pool covers are the perfect way to add more space for your event, while still utilising what you have. Cover the top of the pool to create a dance floor, add some stairs, and let guests go wild and have a great time.

Inflatables And Storage

While some parties are designed to be classier, sometimes you want some fun inflatables, such as igloos, spheres or cones. You can wow guests with your unique options and turn any event into a success.

Likewise, if you want to house an event, you must have enough room. It may be prudent to get some of the other items out of your home or backyard and into a temporary storage structure that can be removed after the party.

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