Many long-term health care institutions understand the importance of nursing home pharmacies. Nursing home pharmacies are pharmacies that provide the much needed pharmaceutical dispensaries that services the elderly patients.

Nursing Home Pharmacies

Nursing home pharmacies typically service the elderly community. Residents in a nursing home require ongoing skilled nursing support and need a wide range of medical products. Since standard pharmacies already fill prescriptions for customers in the surrounding area, it is easy for them to include elderly, long-term care patients.


Nursing homes have special needs for their residents, and this includes their medication. Nursing homes that partner with nursing home pharmacies, typically, provide higher-quality care and can meet the unique needs of their residents. The care they provide is not something that can be received from a traditional pharmacy. They can provide 24-hour medication dispensing, medical reviews, medication interaction reviews, and medical records reviews.


There are many benefits of working with a nursing home pharmacy. They have fewer medication errors, with their patients receiving the correct medication; patients can be monitored for reactions to medications, medical records have more comprehensive documentation, orders can be filled any day at any time, there is a pharmacist on call at all times, patients are educated on their medications and many other services.

In addition, the pharmacist can provide intervention services on medications that are not appropriate or on patients that abuse medications. This cuts down on medication errors and provides the residents with a better quality of life.

Nursing home pharmacies are committed to excellence and to the highest level of accuracy which ensures the pharmacy services are exceptional. They are an asset to all long-term facilities and to all of their patients. They understand the unique needs of their patients and play an important role in the overall management of a patient’s health care.

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