There are so many types of containers to use for your houseplants. How do you know which is the best? Should you choose plastic? Is glass better? What about clay? There are some distinct advantages to using terracotta pots for your houseplants. Take a look at a few of them.

An Inexpensive Choice

Most of the time, you’ll find terracotta pots are relatively inexpensive. If you like to collect houseplants, this is a huge plus! If you find you buy a lot of planters, you may be able to save a substantial amount of money by purchasing some plain clay pots. You always have the option of decorating them later.

Improved Aeration

Due to the porosity of terracotta pots, soil aeration is better and they help protect plants and soil from being wet too long. An unglazed clay pot allows for an open exchange of oxygen and water. This allows more oxygen to get to the roots of plants. Using clay for houseplants can make it difficult to overwater your plants as well.

Heavier than Plastic

Plastic planters are usually light, which makes them less than ideal for top-heavy plants. The weight of a clay pot can better handle a top-heavy plant so they are less likely to be knocked over.

Develop Character Over Time

You can watch a clay pot develop its own patina over time. It’ll be its own unique design. The clay absorbs minerals from hard water specifically. It also absorbs fertilizer salts. These build up over time, giving each pot its own unique pattern and look.

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