Choosing a siding material for an exterior remodel is much more complicated today than it was in the past. After all, there are a lot of options available. Many of these options are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional wood siding in Hammond; however, homeowners should understand why none of them quite live up to the standard of traditional wood.

Benefits of Wood

Wood siding comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and different types of wood. This makes it easy for homeowners to match the home’s existing decor. Additionally, real wood siding can be repainted in the event that homeowners change their minds and want to go with a different look, while many of the alternatives would have to be entirely replaced.

Horizontal Siding

Clapboard siding is one of the most popular choices, and it involves installing long boards, usually made of cedar or redwood, horizontally along the house so that they overlap. Rectangular planking is also installed horizontally but does not overlap. Drop siding is available in many different finishes and is installed as jointed horizontal siding.

Vertical Plank and Shingle Siding

Vertical plank siding is most popular in Gothic style architecture and makes use of vertical planks instead of horizontal ones. Wood shingle siding is usually fabricated from cypress, cedar, or redwood. The shingles are machine cut so as to ensure uniformity of size, and are applied from the bottom up to ensure that no water can drip in.

Sheet Siding

Sheet siding employs solid wood that can be applied vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. This option is less expensive, primarily because it employs cheaper wood and boasts a shorter installation time. Most homeowners find that it is an inferior option for their homes, though, as it does not boast the same kind of longevity and classic appeal as other forms of wood siding in Hammond.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

The most frequently-cited disadvantage of wood siding is that it requires periodic maintenance. The wood must be repainted or resealed at least every few years and is prone to cracking, splitting, and warping if it is not routinely maintained. Visit website for more information that can help make the choice of material easier.

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