Buying an air conditioner can be challenging because every home is different in so many ways that affect the type of unit you will buy. It is necessary to understand several factors about the home which will determine the size of unit you will need to buy. You are planning to cool your home, but this process can be affected by so many variables with an Air Conditioning Installation in Oklahoma City. Each of the following home characteristics will affect your decision:

Square footage of the area to be cooled.
The amount of insulation in the attic and in the walls.
*  The exposure of the home, and exposure to the west may be the worse.
The number of windows in the home.
*  A black roof does not reflect sun back as much as a lighter color does.
*  The number and size of the trees on the property.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is another factor to consider. The higher the SEER rating the less electricity the system will use. A rating of 15 is adequate for a home, but the range is from 12 to 22. Of course, the energy costs depend a lot on the temperature that the unit is maintained at. This also brings the question about the type of thermostat you want. You can buy a thermostat that can be programmed to change the temperature to different levels depending upon the time of day and whether no one is home. This is an energy savings thermostat that can be programmed for a number of different settings.

The size of the air conditioning unit is measured in tons, and usually 1 ton is recommended for every 400 sq. ft. Recent improvements in energy saving units may change this recommendation, but discuss this with your contractor who will do the Air Conditioning Installation in Oklahoma City. Another discussion you want to have with your contractor is the adequacy of your duct work. ACCA Manual D is the contractor’s guide to duct sizing. The duct connections should be properly sealed with duct tape. According to the Arizona power company APS, up to 33 percent of the cooling could be leaking out, so it is really necessary for the ducts to be examined carefully.

Study the air conditioning unit and the installation before you buy. A well informed consumer is usually a satisfied consumer.

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