When your air conditioning stops working in the Baltimore County, MD hot summer you have a minor crisis. Your A/C will likely fail when the heat reaches 120 degrees because the A/C will really be overworked. Many homeowners do not get a pre-season A/C checkup when these problems can be identified and fixed in the cooler months. Air Conditioning Repair Baltimore County, MD is a good source for information.

An experienced technician from a Heating & Cooling Company can find the problem quickly. He will start with checking the thermostat settings to ensure that the settings are proper and working. If the thermostat is one which is adjustable to several different settings, these will be checked also.

Next, he will check the refrigerant level and add more if needed. Too little refrigerant or too much will make your system operate with less efficiency and more costly energy bills. Air Conditioning Repair services Baltimore County, MD is a resource for understanding refrigerant levels.

He will check all of the electrical connections as well as the voltage and current on the motors. Faulty electrical equipment can reduce the life of major system components. The price of energy will also increase. However, a loose connection can stop the A/C from cooling.

Checking the controls is important because the starting cycle of the A/C system will ensure the system starts, operates properly and shuts 0ff properly. If the controls are not working, it is the system will not cool. The evaporator and condenser coils may be so dirty the operation of the A/C system is being affected.

The motor and fan belts must be checked to be sure that the belt tension is enough to keep the fan blowing. The cage and the fan may need cleaning. If the fan is loaded with debris and dirt, then it will be weighted down to where it cannot move as fast.

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