Fact: there are cosmetic reasons to seek out dog grooming services in Alexandria, VA. The local roster of seasoned groomers are well equipped to keep your dog looking like a kennel club champ. However, dog grooming conveys health benefits as well. Here are a few for your info.

Reduce a Host of Infections

Topical infections and infestations take root on your dog’s body and hair and fester at alarming rates. Grooming stops this process or helps you catch it soon enough to address it comfortably. Since grooming entails a deep, thorough shampoo, a blow dry session and the cutting of nails, it removes microbes, exposes ticks and fleas and greatly minimizes the likelihood of ear infections and skin problems.

Keeps Hair Lustrous and Mat-Free

Routine washing and cutting of your dog’s hair keeps the coat untangled, shiny and less likely to shed. Matting can creep up on your dog unexpectedly and develop quickly, especially among breeds prone to longer hair with any type of wave pattern. Keeping your dog’s hair washed and cut also rids it of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring your dog looks and smells appealing.

When to Start Having Your Dog Groomed

It’s best not to wait more than your pup is 16 weeks old to schedule dog grooming services in Alexandria, VA. Smaller pups are easier to train and can be inured to the process much more readily. However, all dogs need regular grooming, and using a pro guarantees the safest, most efficient and compassionate treatment of older dogs who aren’t fans of grooming or aren’t that used to it.

Visit Fort Hunt Animal Hospital, a longtime, premium provider of dog boarding and grooming in Alexandria VA.

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