A well-maintained air conditioning system keeps a home at a comfortable temperature and purifies the air. Homeowners with respiratory illnesses often rely on this systems to breathe easily during hot and humid weather or pollution alerts. It’s important for them to hire a local company such as ac service in Branford CT to ensure that their system continues to work during a heat wave. A well-trained technician will arrive to inspect and clean the outside compressor as well as the tubes that connect it to the interior vent system.

The technician will inspect the outdoor compressor and its environment. He needs to make sure that it has enough clearance space to do its job. Homeowners should never lean anything against it or store items near it. It also has to be kept clean and free of leaves and other types of natural debris. The intake pipe will be checked to make sure that it is completely unclogged. Next the top of the compressor will be taken off and the interior inspected. If there are any leaves or dirt in it, the technician will vacuum it. If the blades are dusty or caked in dirt, they will need to be washed.

The filters will also need to be cleaned or replaced. While the technician will do this during maintenance visits, filters need to be either cleaned or replaced regularly during the cooling season when the air conditioning unit is in use. Usually this should be done at least once a month. Freon levels should also be checked to make sure that the system can produce cool air.

ac service in Branford CT experts will also inspect the ducts to see if there are any leaks or gaps. These problems can result in a system losing 40 percent of the cool air that is produced by the compressor. As ducts age they do tend to develop sags, which cause gaps between duct segments. Therefore it’s important to include this step. Homeowners who want to ensure they have the cleanest possible air, will also ask the technician to clean and sanitize the ducts. These warm and dark spaces are often are home to mildew and mold.

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