Moving can be stressful and expensive, not to mention being entirely overwhelming. Finding professional movers in Denver. can also be a lengthy process. However, knowing what to look for when you shop around can save you money and prevent you from falling for scams. Here are the most important things to remember while going through this process.

Ask for Recommendations

Some great people to ask for recommendations include coworkers, friends, and local real estate agents. You can also search online for moving companies located nearby. Don’t assume that the first company you find is the best or that a major name is the most important thing. You should also avoid using online quotes as a basis for price. Instead, the movers should send someone out to do a proper inspection to provide you with a written quotation.

Screen Your Options

Once you have made a list of a few recommended moving companies, it’s time to do more research online. You can look up the companies on the Better Business Bureau and email or call the American Moving and Storage Association. AMSA is a voluntary organization, but if the company is a member, they must follow specific rules. You can also look at a website like Rip-Off Report to ensure the company isn’t listed there.

Call for Estimates

Now that you have a few companies you’re happy with, call up at least three of them and ask for an in-home estimate. Most moves within a state will provide an estimate based on how far you are going and the weight of your belongings being moved. For a move across states, there may be other means of determining the rate. Make sure to get this estimate in writing after the worker leaves your home.

Review Your Estimates

After you have a few estimates form movers in Denver, you can go over each of them. You want to see a document that will serve as your order if you choose to go with the company. In addition, there will be an inventory list that comes when your items are loaded onto the truck. Be sure to ask about additional insurance if that is needed and see what price is required for that.

Doing your research and analyzing the information you acquire is the best way to ensure you use the services of a reputable mover. Once you’ve chosen someone and made arrangements, you’re one step closer to moving day!

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