Although you are tired of living in the dorms, you may feel stuck in that situation due to a poor credit score. This number can make it difficult to get a student apartment because the complex will doubt your ability to pay. Fortunately, there are situations where you can still get an apartment if you are dealing with an unpleasant past. Below are ways you can apply for your dream apartment even with bad credit.


No matter what you tell the property manager or leasing agent, they will check your credit as they process your application. It is best to tell them upfront if you have negative issues that will come to their attention. In that case, you can explain what occurred in the past and how you changed to improve. That way, they may discuss options with you that will help you get into apartments near the University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in the future.


In your past, many factors led to your bad credit score. Often, an unstable financial situation is the main cause of late or missed payments and broken leases. Even though you can explain what occurred, you should also be ready to demonstrate you now have a steady income. Gather records that show you make at least three times the monthly rent at apartments near the University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Also, you can offer to pay more in advance or pay a higher rental payment each month.

You will never know if your credit score is acceptable at apartments near the University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa until you reach out to Ion Tuscaloosa and apply on their website today.

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