When it comes to hydraulic cylinders you have a choice. For example, do you go with welded hydraulic cylinders or tie rod type? These are the two basic cylinder types but you’ll find a lot of variations to consider too. It’s possible you might need a telescoping, double rod, or other type. Let’s take a look at these cylinders to give you additional information on the subject.

What is a Welded Cylinder?

Hydraulic cylinders contain a barrel for the piston to move in and end caps on each end of the barrel. When these end caps are welded into place, it creates a welded body cylinder. However, some cylinders may be known as welded hydraulic cylinders, but the end caps are actually bolted on. The end caps also may be fitted with retainer rings. In reality, all these cylinders are known as mill types (including welded body cylinders) and they are not to be confused with tie rod cylinders.

Tie Rod Type Cylinders

A tie rod cylinder has many of the same basic components of the mill type. However, the end caps are held on by steel rods which can either be threaded into the end caps or the rods may extend past the end caps and the threaded ends are then bolted tightly down. Tie rod cylinders are very common and you will see them in industrial and agricultural applications.

Double Rod Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Suppose you have a hydraulic application in which both pull and push force is required? A dual rod cylinder has a piston head with a rod on both ends. This is used to provide a reciprocating action and both pull and push can be applied with equal force.

Telescoping Cylinders

These cylinders are sometime called multiple stage cylinders. In this design, the piston is created with several sleeves and each section is a little smaller than the other to allow the entire rod to extend out and then collapse to one size when needed. These cylinders are useful when one needs a very long stroke but has minimal space for the cylinder to mount. A good example is the cylinder which extends upward to raise a dump trailer.

Good Things about Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

The welded cylinder is often preferred over the tie rod type because it requires less space and is extremely durable. You will see these cylinders in many applications including:

  • Excavation equipment
  • Road graders
  • Lift trucks
  • Lift gates
  • Cranes
  • Oil rigs
  • Mining equipment
  • Earth moving equipment

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