Automatic transmissions have become quite popular over the past three or four decades. They provide relative ease to drivers while shifting between gears. You don’t need to keep your hand on the gear shifting lever at all times. Just bring the car into drive and let the transmission control the gears automatically. It has become so popular that many leading auto manufacturers have even speculated that the manual transmission is likely to go completely out of style within a few years, at which point they would stop manufacturing manual transmission vehicles altogether. However, you might need auto transmission repair if you experience the following problems.

Whining and Humming

Whining and humming sounds from the transmission can escalate into a major problem if you don’t get it fixed immediately. It won’t be difficult for you to identify the sound either, because it won’t be something you have heard before. You should take your car to a reputable workshop that offers auto transmission repair in New Port Richey FL to get it inspected.

Leaking Fluid

Transmission fluid is required to make sure that the gears switch efficiently. If the transmission fluid begins to leak, it will be difficult to switch gears. Your car might screech to a halt, as well, if the gears lock up. When you take your vehicle for auto transmission repair, let the mechanic know that the transmission fluid is leaking. The mechanic will check the car carefully to identify the source of leakage before carrying out repair work. Leaking transmission fluid can prove to be a serious problem, because the transmission might seize up while driving, which can cause accidents on a busy road. Other issues, such as grinding or shaking every time the gears shift, are also indicators that there’s something wrong. So it’s best to get the car checked first. To know more contact Teddy Bear’s Auto Parts & Salvage Inc.

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