Plenty of men and women don’t care to learn anything about fixing problems with cars. They would rather pay a mechanic a small fee to fix even the smallest issues, such as replacing a burned-out taillight or a set of windshield wipers. Automotive Repair Shops in Tempe AZ also sell and replace batteries for their customers.


Car batteries tend to produce symptoms when they are getting too old to function properly anymore. For instance, the ignition sounds sluggish and the car is slower to start than usual. Vehicle owners shouldn’t ignore these symptoms for too long, or they could wind up stranded somewhere.

The Battery’s Main Purpose

The battery’s main purpose is to provide power to the starter. After the vehicle is running, the alternator charges the battery back to full capacity while the car runs. Sometimes, a battery has become so low in power that it cannot start the car a second time after someone makes a quick trip to work or to a store. This could have been prevented by having a new battery installed at one of the Automotive Repair Shops in Tempe AZ.

Losing the Charge

Vehicle batteries gradually lose their charge when they aren’t used. The problem is worse for older batteries. A failing battery might lose its charge overnight or even within a few hours. That leaves the owner forced to bring it back up to capacity with a battery charger, jumper cables or a portable battery jumper. The battery charger takes time to work. Jumper cables require another vehicle.

In addition, jump starting should only be done if there is no other option. This process can actually damage components of a car or truck, and it’s not the safest activity either. Someone who has no interest in fixing problems with cars likely does not even own jumper cables or a portable jumper.

The person might wonder if car batteries sitting on shelves have lost their charge. Since these devices are brand new, they haven’t lost enough charge to have trouble starting the car. The alternator will quickly return the power to full capacity after installation at a garage such as Dynamic Imports.

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