If you’ve decided to exhibit at a trade show, you must have a lot of questions about how best to showcase your business and your brand. If you’ve attended trade shows you know that trade show booths can be very elaborate, but it’s important to keep your show goals in mind when designing your booth. Think of your booth as a pop-up retail space and your company as goods that you are merchandising. If this is your first time out, it might be a better idea to work with a professional trade show display company who can help you visualize and refine how you want to present yourself on the show floor.

Walk a Show

If you have never been to a trade show, the best way to understand trends in the booth displays is to attend a show. This way you can see which booths are pulling in the most traffic, and see how your deals stack up against those of your competitors. You can also get an idea of traffic patterns, and where you should place your booth for maximum visibility. One thing you will notice about trade shows is that it’s all about business, you can generate more high-quality leads in just a few days as an exhibitor than you might see all year. You’ll also find unique opportunities to meet and greet attendees who may only attend one show a year as 50 percent of attendees do.

Boost Your Traffic with a Professional

Whether you are starting out with a 10 by 10, 20 by 20, or some other size booth, working with a professional display company that has the materials to showcase your business in a unique and unforgettable way is key to boosting your exhibit traffic and reaching your show goals. Custom signage, seating areas, and even video displays can help you to bring in traffic and show off your product in a way that increases sales.

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