How to Protect Your Home, Hearth, and Hotel This Summer

With summer in full swing, you’ve likely already taken a vacation or are planning one in the near future. While this can be a great opportunity to explore new places and create new memories, it is also one of the busiest times of year for that most infamous of pesky pests: bed bugs.

To ensure that you keep bed begs out of your home and hotel this summer, consider the following:

Inspect Your Hotel Room

Pull back the covers, inspect the headboard, and sift through the closet and furniture to make sure you and your family are the only guests in the hotel room. Look for red or rust-coloured stains (indications of droppings and blood), or even the critters themselves, especially in corners or along seams. If you believe that you’ve found an infestation, request a new room multiple floors away from the original. Remember, even the cleanest of hotels can harbour bed bugs!

Keep Your Luggage Safe

Keep purses and suitcases off the floor, placing them as often as possible on a luggage rack or non-porous shelf or countertop. Wrap all bags in plastic whilst in transit; just because your hotel room was clean, doesn’t mean that other travelers’ was! As an added precaution, keep your luggage in the hot car for a day or two upon your return, as bed bugs cannot survive prolonged high heat.

Practice Proper After-Travel Hygiene

As you did your hotel room, thoroughly inspect your luggage and its contents upon your return home (after removing it from its quarantine in the hot car!). Wash and dry all clothes on high heat just to be sure; while you may not see any bed bugs, there’s no promise that a few eggs didn’t hitch a ride home with you! Most importantly, do a visual check of your arms and legs to make sure you haven’t acquired any unexplainable bites or rashes; while you’re apt to itch, every body is different!

For all your best efforts, you may still find that you’ve picked up some unwanted travelers en route. Or, perhaps you are a business owner who wants to ensure that your clients remain safe and free from these blood-sucking bugs (remember, even the cleanest of hotels can suffer an infestation!). For pest control treatment and bed bug extermination that you can trust, contact the pros at Viking Pest Control today.

Bon voyage, bed bugs!

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