Living on base when it comes to military housing can really interfere with having any type of privacy. This is especially true if you have a family. A military base tends to be a very close-knit community. Being able to live off-base gives you the opportunity to enjoy privacy, separate your home life and your work life and much more. You can benefit from many potential advantages when it comes to choosing military housing in Imperial Beach. This is especially true when you live in an area that’s close to the beach, entertainment options, military bases, and even the United States and Mexico border.

Choose from a Wide Range of Options as well as Pricing

Choosing off-base housing provides you with more options when it comes to different types of housing. In some cases you may be able to find housing that costs less than your BAH, and use the difference for other living expenses. Living off-base also gives you the opportunity to find higher quality housing. Besides, when you live off-base you also have more control over decorating and furnishing your home. On-base military housing is stricter and requires that you are subject to inspections. You can take the stress out of your military career by choosing affordable off-base housing with a flexible lease.

Being in the Military Requires Flexible Housing Choices

Part of being in the military means that any time you may have a change of orders that causes you to move. When you choose military housing with short-term leases it gives you the option to pick up a move when you need to. A flexible lease ensures that you can follow those orders precisely when it’s expected. Off-base military housing is perfect for people that want an affordable option to living how they choose instead of under stringent guidelines otherwise enforced on-base.

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