The Earth is thousands of years old. It is important to keep it clean, so every generation can enjoy its natural resources. There is an abundance of water sources including rivers, lakes, and oceans. The land is full of rich soil and plant life. These resources get contaminated everyday by pollution. Humans regard the Earth as their own personal wasteland. They throw away so many things that overflow landfills with garbage. Some garbage does not even make it to the landfill, and people litter the streets and sidewalks everyday with their waste. Even though it is illegal to litter, it is very convenient for people who do not care about protecting the environment for their children and their children’s children to enjoy. Animals also inhabit the Earth with humans. They, too, suffer from the devastating effects of garbage and pollution on a constant basis.

There are a number of items that can be recycled instead of thrown away as garbage. Paper, plastic, and metal all can be reused after it is properly recycled. Reusing materials saves the landfills from overflowing. Likewise, when people recycle paper, which is made from trees, it saves other trees from being cut down to make new paper. Recycling can be done on a regular basis. After people start recycling, they will get used to the procedure, and it will eventually become second nature. This good deed can be done by recycling milk jugs, cereal boxes, vegetable cans, and old school papers. Furthermore, it can also be done on a larger level. People can participate in scrap metal recycling in St. Charles MN. This may include recycling large pieces of metal like cars, steel bars, and other random tools or instruments. People can receive money for participating in Scrap Metal Recycling in St. Charles, MN. The money can add up quickly from recycling small nails to properly disposing of a truck.

People who desire to recycle should talk with their garbage company to see if they have recycling services as well. It is common for cities to have drop off centers were people can take their garbage to be recycled rather than using it to pollute the Earth.

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