Carbon steel is a very popular choice of metal for use in industry. It is prized for its wide variety of uses and has an entire host of benefits. Here are just a few.

• Because of its unique alloy composition,

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• is naturally resistant to pests. There is no need for the application of pesticides, special glues, or preservatives, which makes them significantly safer to work with. Carbon steel is a great choice for use in underground piping applications.

• Carbon steel is inflammable, so it is naturally impervious to damage caused by fires, lightning, and other heat-related disasters. It even holds up during earthquakes and hurricanes.

• Even the thinnest of carbon steel plates or wires are impervious to corrosion. This makes this type of metal especially useful in environments that are acidic or highly corrosive.

• Featuring an unusual degree of shock-resistance, carbon steel pipes are often used in the building of roads. They are known for their ability to endure the stress that comes with high volumes of traffic.

Carbon Steel Seattle WA has a tensile strength that is very high. In layman’s terms, this means that it has a much higher capacity to load carry than that of other Specialty Metals. It also means that it can be fabricated into much thinner pieces than other metals while still retaining its hefty strength.

• With the focus in today’s world on “green” solutions, society can rest assured that carbon steel is environmentally friendly. Roughly 70 percent of steel is recycled on an annual basis. In addition to this, most steel is fabricated in plants that emit little to no harmful CO2 emissions.

• Using carbon steel is extremely cost-effective. It costs less per unit than copper does and its rugged durability means that there are not as many needs for repairs or replacements.

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